Custom Ring Process

Posted on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 at 2:16 pm by Renai

Ever wanted to create a custom ring but don't know where to start? Or how about She shows you a picture of this ring "she just loves" on Pinterest but you can not find it ANYWHERE? Well look no further, FTJ is here to help! We are a full, in house jewelry store that specializes in custom engagement rings and jewelry. You may be thinking 'ok, I want to make a ring of my dreams but I bet that's super expensive' when in reality, custom ring/jewelry can be just as expensive or less money than a pre-made piece because YOU choose what goes in it! 

Lets start with the basics: Wax. Pictured below is what a custom engagement ring looks like before it is casted. You bring in a picture or an idea of what you want and our design specialist draws it on the computer and 3d prints a wax model that is the exact ring that she will wear forever. This gives you the option to say that you like or don't like about the product i.e. it's too thick, too thin, diamond sizes are wrong plus you get to see how it will fit and look before actually committing to a piece that isn't made yet.

Second is casting. Once you give the OK on the wax we send it through to casting. You get to pick whatever metal you want your new ring to be made out of: silver, gold, platnium and more! The wax goes through another step called a lost wax process. This is where it goes into a plaster of paris mold and the metal of your choice gets poured in and the wax melts out, leaving you with a raw casting where the wax once was!

Once you have a completed casting, the piece goes into polishing for it to be preped and then to setting to set all of your desired stones. You can pick new diamonds, gemstones or maybe even old ones that have been in your family for years to set in your new piece of jewelry! After it is set, it goes back to polishing to get out any scratches that may have formed during setting. Once it looks shiny and new it gets sent through quality control to make sure your custom piece is absolutely perfect and then you get a phone call that it's ready for pick up!

Pretty complicated, right? Now you're thinking 'great. This has to take MONTHS to get this ring made! I don't have the time for that.' Wrong! This whole process, since we do all the work here in our store, takes as little as 8-10 days! That's right, less than 2 weeks. Can your jewelry store do that?

Stop by FTJ for a free consultation and estimate to get a custom one of a kind piece made for you or a loved one. You'll be glad you did!